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The look and sound may say late ’60s, but the seat of your pants will tell you there’s nothing old about how these cars perform. A quick look at our ’69 Camaro and ’67 Mustang track cars, and thoughts of the Trans Am series glory days pop into mind. When guys named Donohue, Follmer, Jones, Titus, Penske and Gurney showed up at road courses and put on racing displays we’re still talking about.
What the world needs is cars that look like those vintage Trans Am racers, but perform like modern sports cars. And here they are. YearOne is building a limited number of ’67 Mustang Fastback and ’69 Camaro track cars upgraded with modern suspension and braking systems. The cars can be supplied as basic rolling chassis with suspension and brakes, all the way up to turn-key, track-ready vehicles that only need fuel and a driver.


Fresh, reproduction ’67 Mustang or ’69 Camaro bodies serve as the foundation for the track car program. These bodies have never seen road salt, rust or grime, and they’ve never been in a collision or had so much as a door ding. They are brand new! Each body is mini-tubbed to clear modern wheel and tire sizes. From there, we hang the rest of the sheetmetal (hood, doors, deck lid), and add modern suspension setups front and rear (think tubular subframes and control arms, coilovers, three- and four-link rears, with lots of adjustability). Four-wheel disc brakes hang on each corner, of course, since stopping is as important as accelerating on a road course.


Need a roll cage? No problem, we can add one to your specifications. Need bigger brakes? We can add 6-piston mono-block calipers with 14-inch rotors. How about electrical, fuel and cooling systems? Everything from basic to track-ready is available. Power? Start at 300 horsepower or so, and go up from there.


It’s not 1969 anymore, but that’s no reason to stop you from clipping apexes and blasting down the straights in your very own classic pony car.