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Unless you’re talking about your gold stash or possibly that large-mouth bass you just caught, weight is the enemy. Whether on your person, or more importantly on your hot rod, hauling around a bunch of extra pounds will lead to undue stress and lost races. We can live with a little stress, but losing races is just too much for any self-respecting gearhead to endure. Take our ’69 Camaro track car for example. We’ve been pounding on this car for years now. It’s seen four different engines, three transmissions, two front subframes and two rear suspension systems. With every update  [ Read More ]

Click here for build shots. Few things are more spectacular than a ’73 Trans Am. And when an early TA’s muscular looks are combined with a seriously upgraded drivetrain and suspension, and painted bright red with a screaming chicken on the hood, well, let’s just say the owner of this car better get used to talking with law enforcement. This car is actually owned by John Cunningham, a good friend of ours. He’s been working on it for awhile, and when it came time to install the drivetrain and suspension he dropped it off with us. And what a setup it  [ Read More ]

The Innovator, our 1969 Camaro convertible, was built 10 years ago. Here’s a video we put together talking about the car and what it’s been through so far. Enjoy!

We’re hard at work on our Brewster green ’73 Trans Am project, and here’s a quick video update on the project.

We’ve updated the ’69 Camaro Track Car page, and put together a short video featuring the car as well. These track cars aren’t the prettiest cars we’ve ever built, but they sure are a lot of fun. Check it out here.

The red ’73 Trans Am project is rapidly nearing completion. The drivetrain has been installed the car has actually made a few laps around the parking lot. We thought you might like a speed bump’s view of the car! Check out more build shots here.

Here’s a quick video update on the 1973 Trans Am project “Sweet Potato”. Enjoy!

The boys in the Ghostworks Garage shop have been hard at work sculpting some new sheetmetal for the ’69 Mustang project. Mark McDonald has formed a new front valance that functions as an air dam along with channeling cool air to the blower intercooler and the brakes. The front bumper has also been tucked for a cleaner appearance. Out back, the rear bumper has been tucked and reshaped. The lower rear valance has been reworked to include provisions for through-the-valance exhaust. The center of the panel now incorporates an integral diffusor. Shortly after these photos were taken, the Mustang was  [ Read More ]

The shop is pretty full these days, as work continues on a number of projects. We don’t often work on privately owned vehicles, but occasionally we like to help a friend out. The ’70 Chevelle in these shots is a prime example – it actually belongs to a local enthusiast friend of ours. The Muncie four speed in his big-block powered Chevelle started acting up, so the Ghostworks Guys pulled it out, went through it, and added a new clutch assembly while it was apart. It’s back on its feet now, running (and shifting) better than ever. The red Trans Am on the lift  [ Read More ]