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All specifications and pricing are subject to change
Cars are available as basic rolling chassis, specs listed below, through complete track-ready vehicles. Pricing and options are available for quote on an individual, per-car basis.


*All YearOne Track Cars are intended for off-road closed course use only. All chassis’ include a YearOne chassis number, but DO NOT include Vehicle Identification Numbers.


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Vehicle Specifications:

New reproduction 1967 Mustang Fastback body shell
Doors mounted
Fenders mounted
Hood mounted with hinges and front pins
Valance panel mounted with braces
Deck lid mounted with latch assembly
Rear Suspension:
Griggs Racing GR350 3-link rear suspension
includes tubular control arms
torque arm system
panhard rod or Watts link
coilover shocks
Moser 31-spline 9” rear axle assembly
Front Suspension:
Griggs Racing GR350 front suspension on
includes adjustable tubular control arms
‘96+ SN95 spindles
coilover shocks
stabilizer bar
Baer Extreme Plus 6-piston monoblock aluminum calipers s
14” two-piece rotors front and rear
adjustable proportioning valve
Series 62 17×8 steel wheels s
BFGoodrich Traction TA tires