The shop is pretty full these days, as work continues on a number of projects. We don’t often work on privately owned vehicles, but occasionally we like to help a friend out. The ’70 Chevelle in these shots is a prime example – it actually belongs to a local enthusiast friend of ours. The Muncie four speed in his big-block powered Chevelle started acting up, so the Ghostworks Guys pulled it out, went through it, and added a new clutch assembly while it was apart. It’s back on its feet now, running (and shifting) better than ever.

The red Trans Am on the lift is a project car we’re building for another long-time friend of the company. The ’73 TA is getting a modern LS7 with an Edelbrock blower bolted on top, a 6-speed Tremec, and a full Detroit Speed suspension setup.

We’ve got a few other cars getting the Ghostworks treatment currently, but those will have to wait for another update. Check back often to see what’s getting wrenched on in the Ghostworks Garage!