Here’s a car that started life as a mild-mannered, 318-powered pony car, and through certain twists of fate ended up starring in a movie and on TV.


It all started a few years back when the producers of the movie 2Fast 2Furious were searching for stunt cars. One of the main vehicles in the movie was a Hemi Orange 1970 Challenger, and so a few “stunt doubles” were required for filming. This particular car was acquired, dressed up as a Hemi car (externally, anyway), and used during filming. The way these things work is that the production company builds a number of each vehicle used in the movie – typically one very nice example (usually known as the Hero Car) is used for close-ups and regular driving scenes. Other cars are built for the various stunts. This is why you often see a car still being driven with no apparent ill effects after it just jumped over a train and you saw it buckle in half – there’s obviously more than one car! Anyway, if you saw the movie, this was the Challenger that ran around with no door on it.


YearOne supplied most of the parts needed to build the Camaro and Challenger cars used in the flick. When filming was done, we made a deal with the production company to buy the doorless stunt Challenger, which we planned on fixing and driving. The next thing you know we were talking with RTM Productions about some future plans, and we mentioned we had the 2F/2F Challenger on hand. One thing led to another, and before you know it we had a plan to rebuild and modify the Challenger on RTM’s MuscleCar TV show.


So that started the second phase of this Challenger’s show-biz career. Over the course of a few months, the Challenger got new paint and decals, a completely new suspension system, big brakes, and best of all, a 528-inch Hemi crate engine. All of which was documented on the TV show.


Now that it’s done, our 2F/2F Challenger lives the good life, getting hauled around to various shows and occasionally making a road trip. There’s a lesson here for all of us – no matter how humble the beginnings, stardom may only be some time, hard work and a little luck away!

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Vehicle Specifications:


Mopar Performance 528 Hemi
10.25:1 compression

610 hp 650 lbs/ft of torque


Tremec TKO-600 5-speed


Air Ride Technologies front and rear suspension


Baer brakes

Rear Axle:

Moser Dana 60 with 3:73 gear


17”x7” and 18”x10” torque thrust wheels

BFGoodrich g-Force tires