What would a ’68 Camaro built in the ‘70s look like if we could send modern parts back in a time machine? Well, probably a lot like the 1968 Cherry Bomb Camaro! The overall theme of the car pays tribute to the cool hot rods of the ‘70s with slot mags, side pipes and a bunch of blower sticking through the hood. The parts list, however, is straight out of the 21st century. The LSX-based V8 wears a BDS-developed intercooled 8-71 supercharger system with electronic fuel injection. The exhaust of course features a custom Cherry Bomb sidepipe system. A Tremec 6-speed transfers power to a Moser 9-inch rear axle. Two-tone Cherry Red and Black paint provides the shine, while custom 18” Billet slot mags complete the New Retro look.


Work is well under way on Cherry Bomb’s hot rod. The basic Camaro used to begin the build was in pretty good overall shape – much better than some of the cars we’ve started with! That being said, we did have some metalwork to do, and of course plenty of chassis work to fit all the high-tech suspension goodies we’re throwing at the car.


One thing’s for sure, the Cherry Bomb Camaro will be disturbing the peace in fine style at an event near you pretty soon.

Vehicle Specifications:


LsX based Engine with 8-71

BDS blower

BDS intercooler system

Aftermarket Fuel injection and coil pack controllers

Custom accessory drive system

Custom exhaust with Cherry Bomb side pipes

Fuel System:

Custom fuel tank with baffles and in-tank fuel pumps


Tremec T-56 Magnum

6-Speed Transmission

Rear Axle:

Moser 9 inch rear with 3.73 posi

Rear Suspension:

Detroit Speed and Engineering


Baer 6S 6-piston brakes


YearOne restoration parts

Classic Instruments gauges

Custom Cerullo seats


YearOne reproduction panels and trim

Entertainment System:

Alpine head unit

Boston Acoustics amps/speakers


Cherry Bomb red over flat black with gloss stripes

Powder coated trim and details.

Cooling System:

Be Cool aluminum radiator

Be Cool SPAL electric fans

Front Suspension:

Detroit Speed and Engineering hydroformed subframe

C6 steering knuckles and tubular control arms


Custom Billet Slot Mags

18”x8” front

18”x11” rear

BFGoodrich g-Force KDW tires

245-40-18 front

BFGoodrich g-Force Drag Radials

315-35-18 rear


Vintage air AC system