Some guys just won’t take no for an answer. Shortly after completing our blue ’66 Mustang project car, we were approached by Mr. Rick Hudson who very much wanted us to build his ’67 pony along those same lines. We weren’t really prepared for that, since we’d only built one customer car to that point – and it was a one-off special really done as a favor to actor Paul Walker. So, initially at least, we politely declined.


For Mr. Hudson, that just wouldn’t do. He kept after us, and finally, we agreed to at least explore the possibility of building his car. After some initial meetings and getting to know Rick a little better (he’s a lot of fun to be around, and very persuasive), we said why not? And the project was on with the idea of having the car done in time for the 2005 Hot Rod Power Tour.


Rick had some clear ideas of what he wanted, and all the details were sorted out when he sat down with Kevin King and Phil Brewer, our designer. The plan was to build a car that would look good, with perhaps a bit of a retro flavor, handle and stop well, and have lots of power. It had to be reliable enough to take on long trips, and cool enough to draw a crowd when it was parked. And it had to be red.


Rick liked the hood style on our blue car but wasn’t crazy about the carbon fiber finish, so we molded one up in fiberglass for him. He also like the classic Cragar wheel look, so we had Billet Specialties carve out a set of 5-spokes that have a classic flavor in more modern sizes. After driving our blue car around a bit, Rick agreed the supercharged 4.6 Cobra engine with a 6-speed tranny was the way to go, along with the Martz front and rear suspension.

The car turned out great, in our humble opinion. In fact, many of us here like Rick’s car better than our blue one! The car made the ’05 Power Tour, and really hasn’t missed a beat since then. Rick’s been on multiple Power Tours with us now, and also brings the car down to our annual YearOne Experience to show it off.


Some guys just won’t take no for an answer, and really, we’re very glad Rick Hudson is one of them. Rick’s red Mustang was our first real customer car, but it’s certainly not the last. In fact, we built a really cool fiberglass Willys for his wife, seems she wouldn’t take no for an answer either.

Vehicle Specifications:


2003 Ford Cobra DOHC 4.6L Supercharged8.5:1 forged pistons (OEM)

Manley H-beam forged rods (OEM)

Forged crank (OEM)

Kenne-Bell supercharger

Custom aluminum heat exchanger

AccuFab 1700cfm throttle body

Metco Motorsports 10-rib pulleys

Stainless Works headers/exhaust

FAST fuel injection system

Cooling System:

Be Cool aluminum radiatorBe Cool/SPAL electric fans


Tremec 6-speedRam single-disc clutch/pressure plate

Ram aluminum flywheel

Kirban shifter

DynaTech metal matrix driveshaft

Rear Axle:

Moser 9-inch housingDetroit Locker differential

3.73 Motive gearset

Rear Suspension:

Martz four-linkAdjustable tubular control arms

Panhard rod

QA1 aluminum coil over shocks and rear


11” Stainless Steel Brake competition disc brake systemLokar e-brake cables


Seat upholstery and carpet by Jeff HendersonAuto Meter Cobalt prototype in-dash gauges


1967 FastbackCustom boxed frame connectorsFiberglass A/FX hood

The lower valance is modified with custom intercooler duct

Entertainment System:

Alpine AM/FM/CD player with 5”
integrated speakers and 10” subs by KickerMonster Cable used throughout


Ford Lightning redPrimers and clears by Southern Polyurethane

Body and Paint by Steve Jones Custom Paint

Fuel System:

Fuel Safe fuel cell
Holley 255 lph in-tank pumps (2)Aeromotive regulator

Aeromotive filter

Aeromotive fuel rails

Holley 50-lb injectors

Front Suspension:

Martz tubular front subframeAdjustable tubular control arms

QA1 aluminum coil over shocks


18” x 9.5” rear17” x 8” frontBillet Specialty wheels

295/35/18 BFGoodrich G-force T/A rear

245/40/17 G-force T/A radial front


Vintage Air air conditioning system