In about half the cases, customers wanting us to perform a build for them already have the project car. In most cases the car has been in the family for a while, or was a project they never got around to starting and/or finishing themselves – pretty standard stories to which we can all relate. But then there are others……like this ’67 Firebird.


This customer came to us and said he had a ’67 Bird he wanted us to build for him. No sweat, we do it all the time. Then he mentioned he’d just picked up the car, which happened to be one of the Hero cars from the movie Matrix Reloaded. Cool!


As movie cars go, this one as typical. They look pretty good on film as they go flying by, but up close they have their warts. The customer wanted to update just about everything in the car, but keep the original color (as used in the movie). It gets kind of weird, here. Due to some filters used during the filming, the car on screen looks black, but in reality is a very dark purple. We were told to keep it purple.


As for the build, we went through the car and replaced all the sheetmetal that needed attention. We then upgraded the suspension and chassis using Detroit Speed components front and rear. The drivetrain featured a GM Performance Parts LS7 outfitted with a custom accessory drive, a GMPP controller, stainless headers, etc. A modified 4L60E tranny was bolted behind the LS7, and a Moser 9-inch was hung in the rear.


We updated the interior with late-model seats wearing custom upholstery, built a custom console, and upgraded the gauges to Classic Instruments units. A Vintage Air systems cools the interior, while the Alpine/Boston Acoustics combo provides the entertainment.


In the movie the Bird had a set of 15″ Cragar SS wheels – a classic look but not in keeping with the modern upgrades. So a set of custom 18″ billet wheels were built with Cragar-style spokes to mimic the movie look but provide ample clearance for the Baer 6-piston brakes. The big wheels also allowed the use of modern BFG performance tires.


Now that it’s finished, the Matrix Firebird looks, runs and handles like a movie car should. One could say we Reloaded the Matrix Firebird with performance and style! OK, bad pun……but a cool car.

Click here for build shots
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Vehicle Specifications:


Expand on Matrix Movie theme while using today’s best technology

to improve performance and drivability.


Ls7 (7.011 L; 427.8 cu in) engine 505hp GMPP Engine Control Module

Custom accessory drive system

Custom stainless steel exhaust with Magna Flow mufflers

Cooling System:

Be Cool aluminum radiator

Be Cool SPAL electric fans


4L60E automatic

Front Suspension:

Detroit Speed and Engineering hydroformed subframe

C6 steering knuckles and tubular control arms

Rear Suspension:

Detroit Speed and Engineering Quadra-Link


Billet aluminum Cragar style wheels
18”x8” front; 18”x10” rear

BFGoodrich g-Force KDW tires
245-40-18 front

BFGoodrich g-Force KDW tires
295-35-18 rear


Black and gray with green accents

YearOne restoration parts

Classic Instruments gauges

Late Model Firebird seats

Custom console


Vintage air AC system

Entertainment System:

NAV system

Alpine head unit

Boston Acoustics amps/speakers

Fuel System:

Custom fuel tank with baffles and in-tank fuel pumps

Rear Axle:

Moser 9 inch rear with
a 3.73

Eaton limited slip differential


Baer 13” 6-piston brakes


YearOne reproduction panels and trim

Mini tubbed for tire clearance

Modified for DSE suspension


Dark Purple with Light green accents